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MELT Method®

 Are you experiencing foot pain? How about pain in your knees, hips, pelvis or lower back? Pain in your feet and other parts of your body may be due to poor posture, which starts in your feet. Lori Smith offers individual foot care appointments to help you find out which shoes are the best for your feet and learn how to relieve your foot pain yourself through self-massage, foot exercises and more.


MELT Method®

Upcoming Events

MELT Method®

Did you know that many of your aches and pains in your body are due to dehydration of your connective tissue? Aging, exercise and repetitive activity at work and home all cause this support network to dehydrate, leading to body pains, joint aches, poor posture, and more. With the MELT Method®, you can learn how to erase pain and tension in your hands, feet, neck and low back through these easy-to-learn self-massage techniques.


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Foot Care Basics (Self-Massage, Stretching, Shoes)


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