MELT for Everyday Aches Upper Body Edition


Guest yoga with Nick Beem

3 Mondays

Jan 20- Feb 3

$80/members save 15%

$30 drop-in

Regular yoga practice does help with common aches and pains,

but some imbalances need more direct intervention. Massage is

great, but unaffordable as a weekly luxury.

Enter the MELT Method, a brilliant system of “hand’s off

bodywork” that allows self-massage using nothing more than soft

balls and rollers. MELT is effective, simple and never painful!

This January, Lori will teach a wealth of MELT moves that help

release pain and tension in the upper body - hands, arms,

shoulders, neck and head. The first two sessions will focus on

learning a sequence that can be practiced at home. In the last

session, Grateful Yoga owner and yoga therapist Nick Beem will

share a yoga practice that helps integrate the MELT practice into

the movement patterns of yoga.

The broad intention is for you to feel informed and inspired to

take up these practices at home, as part of your own self-care

and self-healing process. Props (balls and rollers) will be available

for in-class use and for purchase for home practice.

New MELTers are welcome at the beginning of the series. If you’d like to drop-in after the first class, please check-in with Lori and you may be included at her discretion.

Props will be available for sale if you wish to continue your practice at home:

  • Ball kit $55
  • Mini ball kit $30 (not available online)
  • Soft roller $70
  • Half roller (for extra gentle compression) $50

Cash or check only; all prices include local sales tax.


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