Correct Toes®

Are you concerned about bunions, shin splints, have heel or plantar fascia pain? Reduce your symptoms by addressing the root cause. Your feet have conformed to the shoes you’ve worn: closed-toed shoes have confined your toes in shoes that confine your toes. Spreading your toes allows your feet to return to a natural form, like they were when you were a baby. In-fact, cultures that don’t wear closed-toe shoes have a low incidence of foot problems.

Correct Toes® are a type of toe spacer developed by Dr. Ray McClanahan of Northwest Foot and Ankle to restore your natural foot shape and help you feel more grounded and with a better distribution of of your body weight.

Why Spread Your Toes?

If you look at a baby’s foot, you’ll notice that the widest part of the foot is at the ends of toes. But as we go through life, many shoe designs limit the toes ability to spread. This effects the arches, impinges on nerves and blood vessels and challenges your balance. In fact, many foot problems can be helped when we allow our toes to regain their natural alignment.

Spreading your toes with Correct Toes®:

a.      Provides natural support for your foot arches

b.      Strengthens your foot muscles

c.      Alleviates many causes of foot pain

d.      Encourages optimal circulation to your foot tissues by reducing impingement on toe nerves and blood vessels

e.      Helps eliminate overpronation (also called flat feet or fallen arch)

f.       Improves balance

g.      Enables proper distribution of your body weight

h.      Provides stability to your ankles and knees

i.       Helps you feel more grounded

j.       Enables proper, low-impact gait

k.      Restores the natural beauty of your feet and toes

Correct Toes®

Correct Toes® are made of durable and flexible medical-grade silicone, and are designed to be worn both barefoot and inside appropriate footwear while walking, running, standing and doing any other types of movement throughout your day. With progressive and consistent use, toes align and feet strengthen, restoring A Natural Foot position and function. 

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